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Biography of Asghar Vaghedi

Iranian poet and writer

Date and place of birth: 1941, Kermanshah, Iran.

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Master Degree in literature and education, from Tehran University.



Teacher of high-schools and colleges

Working as an expert in education in Ministry of Education

Writer and editor at Iranian National Radio and Television.

He started writing essays and publishing poetry in most of quality magazines and newspapers from 1960, when he was 18 years old and a student in university.

He was an editor and writer for magazines and National Radio and Television at the same time.

He was one of the members of Board of Writers association in Iran from 1978-1980.


Asghar Vaghedi has published some works of poetry:

1. “Jaragheh” (Sparkel), anthology

2. Avaz e aasheghan e ghadimi (Songs of olden lovers), anthology

3. Tamasha va Heirat (Observations and Amazements), Selected poems

4. She’r o shokufe-haa (Poem and Blossoms), for children.

He lives in USA (Denver, Colorado) since 1990.


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